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The skin is the largest human organ and under normal conditions regenerates itself completely and constantly.  Every 28 days.  If the skin is stressed or subject to the ageing process, this natural ability to regenerate is delayed or disturbed.
The regeneration processes of the human skin are extraordinarily complex and their scientific control is not yet complete or clarified to the last detail.  However, research continuously gains new insights and discovers a multitude of interconnecting factors, until recently only hinted at, and these are increasingly better explained.
In the science of cosmetics there is a great deal of interdisciplinary cooperation.  The combination of new discoveries from the fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry and physiology, paired up with profound experience and proven principles, enables the development of innovative substance systems with ever increasing complexity and efficiency.
With the incorporation of biologically effective preliminary stages and activators it has become possible to stimulate and maintain over time the skin’s own regeneration processes and to actually work against the unwanted effect of skin ageing.  At the same time the skin’s natural power of resistance is strengthened naturally and supported against negative environmental influences.
The sum of all these scientific discoveries and the active ingredient strategy resulting from these form the basis on which all sanmar products have been developed.
Sanmar biocosmetics offer you a comprehensive product range of highly effective cosmetics (cosmeceuticals), optimally balanced in their composition and uniquely complementing each other.  The combination of individual sanmar products among each other increases their effect to a high degree, achieving visible and tangible results which could never be reached by using one product in isolation.

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Bellecare AG
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