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sanmar biocosmetic - Kaolina White 100 g
CHF 45,55
plus. 7.7 % Tax excl.

sanmar biocosmetic -  Kaolina White 100 g

Inci: Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Talcum, Algin

Product No.: BEL 123


Anzahl: Shipping time: 3-4 Days

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sanmar biocosmetic - Dental Gel 100 ml
Sanmar’s dental gel has been developed based on Aloe Anmaris. Natural silicic acid is the cleaning agent of this tooth gel to remove bacterial plaque.  Peppermint, spirulina and chlorophyll keep the breath fresh........
CHF 17,20
plus. 7.7 % Tax excl.

Aloe Anmaris Cellulite & Fitness Cool Gel 100 ml
sanmar biocosmetic - 2 Phases Mask 2 mal 30 ml

2 x 30 ml
(Discription only in german. Translation will follow as soon as possible)

CHF 63,70
plus. 7.7 % Tax excl.

sanmar biocosmetic - Lip Volumizer 7 ml
sanmar biocosmetic - Lacta Femina Wash 150 ml
A woman's intimate region is highly sensitive and delicate. Lactic acid is an essential constituent in the intimate area of the female body.  It controls the slightly acid ph value and establishes a natural barrier against irritation.  Hormonal fluctuations....
CHF 15,30
plus. 7.7 % Tax excl.

sanmar biocosmetic - Aloe Anmaris Fresh Brown Gel 98% 100 ml

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